Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Tale of Two Nerds

Once there was this group of people, a fan club, if you will, who used to pretend to be vampires, werewolves, changelings and other such things, usually on the weekends and mostly as an excuse to dress up.
It was called:

There was this girl, a big fat nerd, who not only pretended to be these things, she made up the stories and did the dirty work so that people could have fun not being whatever they were on the weekdays. There was also this boy, another nerd, although maybe geek is a more accurate term, who also liked to run the games and sometimes pretend to have crazy powers and do insane things. After many years of friendship they finally got together. They got a little townhouse together and things were very happy. Then this came up:


Just one little problem, the poor girl didn't have a fucking clue what this meant. It took a while and a bouquet of roses for her Tauren Druid for the message to come through.

Will you marry me?

Of course.
Then what was going to be a short engagement turned into a long engagement. Lots of things happened and finally something like this went down.

Except I don't know any of those people so it was only similar in that it was a wedding. It was sort of nerdy. In a Scottish, everybody wore kilts and drank tea sort of way. Why?

The wedding was not crap and was indeed Scottish and featured a highland heather cake. Because history nerds are a thing, too.

A few months later a wee lassie belonging to the now married lady came to live with this nerdiest of couples.

Probably not an accurate representation. Probably.
A few more months after that and a geeklet was shoved in the oven and left to bake for nine months.

AAHH!! ALIEN! No, wait that's a baby. I get them confused.
Now the nerdy girl and the nerdy boy have been married for almost four years and after homeschooling a teenager and taking care of a toddler, they both look like this:

Now imagine them much, much less attractive.

Four years married and seven years together. I am so lucky to have my Geeky Nerd Boy.

I love you, darling.

A Big Fat Nerd

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