Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Looking Like Games-mas at my House

I've blogged about Geek&Sundry before (Subscribe, seriously, do it!) and I love almost everything, I have even enjoyed some of the motion comics although that's really not my thing but the shining stars are

The Flog:

Yay! Dragon*Con!
Could also be known as Felicia Day does awesome, funny things.


Amber Benson tells the most amazing story in this episode. I really want friends now so that I can play games with them.

Written by a Kid:
Which is my son's favorite show.

The best part of Geek & Sundry? It's the new home of The Guild:

It's so worth spending all your hours looking at the funny, amazing and fantastical things that are there.

I've been a gamer since forever, but mostly RPG's or video games, but now I've gotten into the joy of TableTop games and I blame Wil Wheaton. It's so much fun watching the groups of great people he gathers together play these games that I had to try a few. In the last six months my husband and I have gone on a table top game buying spree:

Ticket to Ride

To name a few from the show, but I've also been snapping up stuff that I normally wouldn't buy but they haven't played, yet (and may not ever). 

Munchkin Bites
Lost Puppies (this game is fantastic for small children, I love cooperative games)
Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame
Monty Python Fluxx

Family game night may be cliche by now but it's still so much fun. I'm putting lots of games on my wishlist for this end of year spending spree season. It's going to be a Happy Games-mas!

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