Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election done, on to Writing

The election went well. As usual my opinion didn't particularly matter in my state but hey, it was only an hour and half wait up four flights of stairs and I did get 10% off my latte at my writing group meeting. It's all a wash in the end.

I may have done something brilliant or really, really dumb. I signed up for NaNoWriMo and I'm hoping to finish a 50,000 word novel. So far I have an outline, six character sketches and about 4000 words, which means I either need to bust out a couple of 6000 word days or I'm not going to meet the deadline.

I'm also entering the Creative Loafing writing contest. The prize is actual money so it's worth a go.  It's a fiction contest with the theme as "The Meaning of Life is..." As usual I'm writing fantasy.

I love Kickstarter. Being a part of tons of awesome projects is really cool. If you're a gamer this project is pretty cool: Dice Rings 

My husband and I have decided to fly the geek flag high and make these our wedding rings.

Off to write until my ass falls off.

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