Monday, November 12, 2012

Ponies...Ponies everywhere.

 My sixteen year old daughter caught the wave of pony love just after it hit the airwaves. I was really skeptical as the My Little Pony animated series from my childhood was so bad, even 6 year old me couldn't watch it. I loved the toys, what little girl doesn't want a pony, I got over asking for one when I realized I couldn't get one in purple, so fairly early.

She watched it a few times on youtube, because we were staunch anti-advertisement entertainment people. Eventually it landed on Netflix and we all watched it. Soon the toddler was hooked. I admit it's a pretty good show, it's got a really good balance of music, adventure and funny. From and adult point of view it's totally watchable.

Netflix does have a few disadvantages and Hulu has numerous so we caved and got cable TV service, my only requirement a DVR so I couldn't be chained to a TV schedule. We wrestled with the set up but got things up in running in a day. We tested the recording and the TV schedule forced the little one to watch more learning shows than he would have normally wanted to and he started to get real benefit out of that. Even if his clearest words are now WORD GIRL and SUPER WHY PUPPY.

We all got to sit around the TV and watch the Season 3 Premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, my husband and son watched it twice as my daughter and I couldn't make ourselves get up before 10AM.  We all had a good time, talked about the ponies, Ali shouted out his favorites and zoomed around his little pink car that his tiny Pinkie Pie rides in.

It may seem silly but I'm really glad for shows like that. Mythbusters is another one for the whole family (no really, my toddler runs around yelling fire in the hole and setting up experiments) we all get into it, talk about science and make predictions. Watching a TV show or even a movie by yourself can be a good way to pass the time but I've always been happier sharing the experience with someone else.

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