Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fan Hate Always Throws Me

As a Nerd/Geek I know that Star Wars Fandom  is a huge indicator of nerdiness or geekiness. I very much understand why so many people identify with the movies and how much fun they are to watch. George Lucas created something so many people love, his Star Wars franchise is wildly popular, even the hated prequels have been box office successes, so I admit to just not understanding the tremendous hard on so many people have to just despise the man who created one of their favorite movies. What the hell people?

We kids of babyboomers seem to be way too attached to our childhoods. I don't know if we were all just very lucky to have been born right as or before all the really cool stuff happened or if somehow we are collectively trapped at 13 years old, but it is really odd just how enduring and vehement the attachment has been. I went back and watched the cartoons I loved as a kid and I can't even get past the animation screw ups and just straight up awful dialogue that nostalgia just won't gloss over. My three year old son, on the other hand, loves them. Those things were made for 5-13 year old me. After watching the old Rainbow Brite movie, I called my Mom to apologize for making her sit through it 6 times in a single weekend.

My parents liked Star Wars. Sometimes I think my Dad liked it more than I  did, if that was possible. As much as we loved it when special effects started getting really amazing in the late 90's we both wished and I'm sure a few other people did that the special effects could have been updated on our favorite movie, Star Wars. I was first in line for the first two Special Edition Star Wars installments. Some of the CGI scenes felt long and no CGI was and still isn't perfect, but it was a lot of fun to see what could have been.

I really think that George Lucas is probably just a great goofy guy who loves telling stories and making movies. That's what he shows in just about every single interview I've ever seen. He's a writer at heart and editing film is just his rewrite process.

Dislike things, criticize them if you want, but don't think that any fan has the right to dictate what a person creates or how they do it. And hate mail, threats and vile commentary should really be right out too.

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